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November 30 2016

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October 23 2016

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September 14 2016

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July 13 2016

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June 30 2016

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February 17 2016

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Octotrippin …  done on iphone

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December 09 2015

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Phineas X. Jone

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October 19 2015

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August 09 2015

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August 06 2015

May 03 2015

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The Old Ones Remember

In addition to their unparalleled powers of camouflage, octopuses are equipped with incredible powers of the mind.

Octopuses have evolved a brain and central nervous system comparable to that of vertebrates, endowing these creatures with the ability to learn through observation, and form long-term memories of their experiences. 

The remarkable mental faculties of octopuses, the most advanced among all invertebrates, has made them ideal subjects for research on neurobiology. Scientists continue to call upon the knowledge of the Old Ones study these amazing cephalopods to discover more about the processes of learning and memory.

image source: Portland Aquarium website

reference: Hochner et al. 2006.

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March 19 2015

January 06 2015

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The majestic Dumbo Octopus (x)

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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So honestly how often do you scream “unleash the kraken!” when you take your pants off? Cuz this tattoo is badass and I would do that shit all the time if I had it. Lol.

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November 29 2014

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Paul Morstad
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November 03 2014

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Octopus in Red

Color Pencil on paper

2013 Ashli Pearson


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October 19 2014

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October 17 2014

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