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April 26 2017

thats the reason why i am on this "marxism + psychology = FS" viewpoint. Not quite. First of all, freudism is freudism. Freud was an psychiatrist. Later he developed his psychology, critique of culture and general philosophy. Second thing, FS is not just marxism mixed with Freud, because FS was influenced also by Nietzsche, Hegel, Kant, and many others.
But they are similar in the statement "We will build a better future if we first destroy everything thats there and kill everyon who opposes us." Not exactly. For Marx and Engels, revolution is inevitable by the laws of society and history. Revolution and communism MUST happen and working class will make it. And they see, of course, revolution as good thing. FS also think that revolution is something good. But, on the other side, FS thought that revolution is neither inevitable nor real. They WISH for revolution, because capitalism - according to FS - will not fall because of it's immanent contradictions (which was the main thesis of Karl Marx's Capital and Communist Manifesto). Communism for FS is a dream, and for Marx it's not a dream. Therefore it's FS not like "we will build a better future"... No. "we" (i'm saying "we" in the name of FS) "will not", because "we" don't belive that is possible.
yes, i just smelled a "wasnt real communism" argumentation I don't have even a shade of that in my mind. I just say that because development of marxism wasn't linear and in the same time there were many parallel versions of marxism, therefore you can't put marxists conception in line and name them "marxism 1.0", "marxism 1.5", "marxism 2.0"... It's history of ideas, folks, it's a big mess ;)


The only reason Fifty Shades of Grey is romantic is because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode

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a little girl who grows up thinking all doors are automatic but actually she’s haunted by a really polite ghost

So chivalry IS dead?!

you win best response to this post

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meme magic is real. 1488, brothers.
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The new Dragon Ball figures have muscle flex actions and I thought you’d want to know that.

im nuttin

April 25 2017

Thanks for question :) First of all: I'm neither a marxist nor a marxologist (?), therefore I have better things to read. But, I've read some books from Marx, from marxists and about Marx and marxism (Leszek Kołakowski's Main Currents of Marxism (Główne nurty marksizmu) is the best book in this topic - MUST READ).
Second thing: Marx was Marx, not a marxist, so most of his followers doesn't maintain "pure" and original Marx's philosophy. G. Lukacs, R. Luxemburg, L. Trocki, W. Lenin... there are MANY kinds of marxism. Frankfurt School, according to my studies, differs from original Marx's conception in many many ways.
For Adorno, Horkheimer and others from FS, Marx's philosophy was starting point for their conceptions, especially for their critique of culture. In Frankfurt School Marx presence wasn't pure because, they mixed marxism Freud (vide E. Fromm), Hegel and many other thinkers. Frankfurt School has leftist sympathy, but they were non-party. Frankfurt School was revistionist as hell (which is un-orthodox), but they were also against idea of gradual reform of society: "we need revolution" (which is very orthodox). Frankfurt School has very negative view of world ("negative dialectics", without hope for social change), but Marx and Engels believe in revolution, and optimism was their last word (revolution will bring happiness, and so on <sniff>). Frankfurt Scholl is basically bitching and criticizning modern culture, capitalism and society without hope for better tomorrow. Pure negation. And - which is very interesting - Frankfurt School was very aggressive against modern science (very bullshit part of FS philosophy, which connects postivism with totalitarism), and you can't say that about Marx and Engels.
TL;DR: Frankfurt School was more "marxism 2.0." than school which "capture" marxism, but saying that FS "its JUST marxism 2.0." is IMO a simplification (because of many marxist philosophies and because development of marxism wasn't linear).
I'm hope that was helpful (sorry for my bad english)
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golden ears national park. bc. by Tanner Wendell Stewart Photography

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Każdy człowiek ma zalety i wady, któż o tem nie wie? Mają wady i zalety dziewczynki, mają i chłopcy. — A trzeba się porozumieć ze sobą, szanować, wybaczać i lubieć.
— Janusz Korczak
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